Genesis 32:22-32 (English) / 32:23-33 (Hebrew)


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In 2004 I completed a Master of Theology degree, majoring in Biblical Studies, at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. I am an Anglican priest, currently working in parish ministry in Wellington.

I find the ancient stories of Genesis fascinating, especially because of the rich variety of meaning that different people find in them. This mysterious narrative of Jacob wrestling at the Jabbok has had many different interpretations over the years. For that reason it seemed particularly appropriate for a hypertext presentation. The hypertext format has allowed an interplay of interpretations and facets of the text that would have been very difficult to achieve in a print version.

This website has been aimed at undergraduate level students in Biblical Studies, although I hope the material is interesting for general readers as well.

The website was prepared as part of a course on The Bible and Electronic Media, taught by Dr Tim Bulkeley. Tim's help and encouragement have been most appreciated. Tim's excellent online commentary on Amos (Postmodern Bible - Amos) is an outstanding example of the way electronic media can enhance biblical study. Thanks also to Ascalon Studios for permission to use the image of their beautiful stained glass window.

I hope that you enjoy exploring this website as much as I did putting it together.

If you would like to find out more about some of the thinking behind this website, you can read about this project.



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